Last Fall, in my junior year (which by the way did not treat me well at all 😦 )

I pulled all nighters at least thrice EVERY week.  Those who follow me on Snapchat know what I am talking about. No kidding! For a full semester, I was walking around with barely 3 hours of sleep (the struggle was to the infinity power people!)


Nonetheless, it is all good. By the end of the semester, I high key became a pro at it ;^) Even though, I will advise you to get your full 6-8 hours of sleep if you can; here are some of my tips on how to pull off the perfect all nighter:


First of all, eat a light, but consistent meal. Make sure it is not past 7pm (so that you will be able to feel light, but still satiate ). In the meantime, while studying, you can have  snacks (preferably  fruits or nuts)

Secondly, take a nap. It does not have to be up to an hour nap. A twenty minutes nap can make a BIG DIFFERENCE! Trust me on this one.

If you do well in groups, try to have a study group and make sure you guys FOCUS. No wayward conversations. You should mean business for all the night and focus on slaying that exam the next morning :-).

My last tip for you today is to have an elaborate plan on what you are going to study. In other words, STAY ORGANIZED AND FOCUS!

You only have a few hours to slay that exam so make sure you use it well.




Don’t forget to share your own tips on how you pull a proper all nighter in the comment section. It might help someone else.

I hope this helps you during this midterm season and may the curve be Forever with you people ❤


Optimistic Brenda 🙂


Sharing is Caring 🙂

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