To the most beautiful soul I have ever known: I love you.

You taught the headstrong person I am how to cook Fufu, but still be on point with my book work.

You taught me how to look into people’s souls and not just pay attention to somatic appearances.

You told me to be a woman of faith for its only with faith that you become a woman of strength during this journey called life.

You also wanted that last piece of cake when  I was five, but you still let me have it.

Your selflessness when it comes to your children is second to none.

I still remember those times when you came back from work and albeit your tiredness, you made sure everyone was fine.

You were my very first best friend and I can only be grateful for that. Having someone who listens to me without judging me, who is always willing to run to my rescue when life is not treating me well is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Mama the queen of my heart,

I adore you,

Mama, the most beautiful woman I know

Happy Mother’s day mama ❤