Few days ago, I was talking with my twinie and at a certain point in our conversation, she told me that there was a stage in our lives when, she had doubts about our friendship on whether she could trust me or not. I was definitely staggered at the moment her words processed through my brain.

Wow! Of all people, my own twinie does not trust me. I have known this girl for almost ten years now. We have gone a long way together; first failures, first crushes, first boyfriends in fact I can’t think of any key point in my life when she wasn’t present.

She then went ahead and reminded me of an incident which had happened between us during our freshman year in high school. In the middle of that incident, I had said some stuff which up till last week, she had not yet forgotten about.

Now you must be wandering why I am telling you this story. The essence of this little story is to make you realize how much words can have a huge impact on us.

You see, from that incident until today, six years have gone by but she still hasn’t forgotten about it. She does not hold a grudge against me on that, but fact is she hasn’t forgotten about my words. The reason is because she was hurt.

Robin Sharma the famous Canadian speaker, leadership expert, and former litigation lawyer said: “words can inspire, and words can destroy. Choose yours well.”Be very careful about what comes out of your mouth especially when you are angry. Words can cut deeper than physical wounds, so taste them well before you spit them out.