PRAY– With honesty and trust in the Lord’s ability to perform a miracle.

RESOLVE– the interactions which cause you anxiety and hostility.

EXPRESS- your fears and helplessness to someone you love, someone who loves you deeply.

ASK– for help and understanding, but NOT coddling, from those who love you.

SEEK– nurturing from your friends and loved ones- but not to the point that you will be a millstone around their necks.

TRY– to be OPTIMISTIC and see and feel the good things that are happening, but don’t be a Polly-anna.

REMIND YOURSELF–that God has given you a “talent” to serve others and that ONLY YOU can utilize this talent to “light some candles” in other peoples’ lives.

PROJECT–your thinking toward an event in the future (a few months away) which will definitely be a happy experience.

BUY— a new appliance or piece of furniture, or something you’ve always wanted, but said you couldn’t afford.

CHANGE–the arrangement of one room in your house–preferably your bedroom.

INSTALL— extra lighting and windows. SOAK in the Lord’s glorious sunlight; let it pour into your rooms–especially your bedroom in the morning.

TELL–two people (at least) each day how much you appreciate them or how nice they look.

BUY–some new clothes.

WEAR–your best-looking clothes.

CLEAN OUT–the clothes you feel compelled to wear just because they’re in your closet.

EAT–some fresh fruit each day.

DON’T–dawdle in bed in the morning. GET UP! Get your blood circulating. You have things to do.

GIVE AWAY–a smile to two people each day.

GIVE–something away each week–even if it’s small–as long as it’s meaningful to the receiver.

LAUGH–once a day, find something funny! It must be somewhere!

TALK–to a friend at least once a week–one you don’t see daily. Try to keep the conversation on them!

WRITE–notes of appreciation or condolence quickly; if you delay, you will forget to do it.

EAT–three meals a day.

DON’T–look back in anguish! You did the best you could under the circumstances you were given.

READ–a book.

AT THE END OF THE DAY–reward yourself by listing the nice things you did and the things you accomplished. Did you “make someone’s day?”

Extract from Robert Schuller’s book LIFE’S NOT FAIR, BUT GOD IS GOOD